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Hi Guys....!


I am Tina Han, I am professional writer, SEO EXPERT and a basketball champion....!

I am here for you all basketball players and Those who love basketball I will be sharing my experience with ya all. You know basketball is not an easy game it takes a lot of techniques, efforts and stamina to reach on the top..


Why I love Basketball??


I was In my School since I started basketball since I am tall in height my parents and friends suggested me to take part in basketball games which were going on school so I took action and started playing basketball, You Wont BELIEVE ME that I just loved it and IT BECOMES one of my favourite game.


What Kind of Shoes I wear ?


I am fan of a lot of basketball shoes available in the market I will mention their names below so that you can also use them If you want I however sometimes use my running shoes as well. Here are my favorite shoes.


Nike Hyperdunk:

Nike Hyperdunk Basketball shoes are designed for bringing out your high performance. These ultra-lightweight shoes are designed with best traction control for the basketball lovers to bring out your superstar moves easily.  This uses Flyfit technology for the maximum tensile support. The full light weight support is made by the full length Phylon midsole.

The cushioning perfection, wedge designs and the support Solid outsole made up of rubber are the main technical attractions of the shoe. The starting price of the shoe is $124.99 and ranges till $250.00 Its more detail is available at best basketball mag.


Nike Air Force 1:

In basketball the player needs to run a lot either for attacking opposite team or in defense. Hence, the basketball shoe plays a vital role in this game. The comfort from shoes, grip and traction are much important in this game. The best brand for basketball shoes is Nike.

This is also highly recommended by many players. Nike produces many basketball shoes. It depends on individual to decide what kind of shoes they want. Depending on the playing position, the player makes up their decision about Nike Shoes.


Air Jordan Retro:

The Air Jordan basketball shoes edition reached the market with its eighth retro model. Michael Jordan dominated in the games using the same kicks. The Retro 8 brings the OG colors as well as the beautiful design to give the stylish unique classic look.  The basketball shoes with casual look. These are newly released models from Nike -one of the leading shoe brands.

How You Can Find Best Shoes?

You can not compromise on high quality basketball shoes if you are a serious player. But you can compromise on price if you know how to get best deals that will help you to find cheap basketball shoes.

Here we have shared some tips to find the best basketball shoes that feel good:

Selecting Best Basketball Shoes:
1) What are your needs?
Types of basketball shoe selection depends on your needs. What type of player you are? If you are a speed player you should consider cushioning and flexibility as your top most requirements. But these requirements changes if you a offensive or direct player.

Shoe weight is another big factor that needs to be considered while buying a basketball shoe. You should check the shoe weight before buying it. Light weight shoes with typical weight of around 8-12 ounce are considered good fit for basketball players.

2) Basketball shoe size
You should not ignore this important factor to select basketball shoes. If you have not measured your foot size for the last one year you should first do it before buying a basketball shoe. Foot size may change over the period of time due to various factors. Having a shoe that fit well with your foot is extremely important.

3) Try before you keep the shoes
Most basketball players do not visit shoe brand showrooms for purchasing the shoes. Now almost everything is purchased online. But you can take care of trying the shoes which are purchased online. Just make sure to keep the price tags and other labels intact while trying. If it does not fit return the shoes as most of the brands support replacement.

4) High price does not mean the Quality
Often many people consider any product as quality product based on the high price. But this is not the case every time. You should consider the brand, shoe store, technology used, design and everything before buying a basketball shoe. Most of the times you can get best basketball shoes at very cheap price. You just need to find a deal for that. Don’t worry we are here to help you for the same!

Some of the best basketball shoe brands are: Adidas, Puma, Nike, and Reebok.

In next articles we will see more details of types of basketball shoes and how you can find  the best but cheap basketball shoes.